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Back pain gone, cholesterol balanced, flexible body in just 2 months

I was looking for a rejuvenating Yoga training in Pune, I got to know about Yogalaya Pune and decided to give it a try. I experienced results in barely 2 months. My issues with cholesterol levels, back pain, and disturbed sleep pattern, depression and anxiety were all resolved. It has been 6 months since I am practising Yoga here and now I can proudly say that the decision helped me overcome my insecurities. The result was overwhelming!

Kalyani Chaddha, 52 Years old

I can perform Virasana for 30 minutes straight, I had never done Yoga in my entire life but I never miss a class now

It was next to impossible for me to do Virasana, and I could not stay in that position for even two complete minutes. Through the guidance of Ms.Rupa Kanade, now I can perform Virasana perfectly and I do it with enthusiasm. It has been a drastic change from within. My efficiency is enhanced.

Chandrakanth Nemade, 65 Years old, Industrialist

I can do a headstand without any support.

I used to go to the gym regularly and because of the workout I developed a bulky body, my back and neck became stiff. Being able to do a headstand without support has been one of the most exciting moments for me, in my journey of Yogalaya Pune so far. It has been 3 months since I have been attending these classes and now I perform all the asanas.

Kashinath Ubhe, 51 Years Old

At the age of 70 & after an open heart surgery, I got a new life and a fitness boost!

After having an open heart surgery 7 years back, I had severe breathing issues. Walking few steps used to make me short of breath. I felt fatigued every now and then. Thanks to Rupa's Yoga classes in Bavdhan, now I have no breathing issues. I can take normal walks and I feel freshened up all the time.

Pratibha Phatak, 70 Years old

I lost 10 Kgs despite having a broken back and weak bones.

One thing that I totally loved about Yogalaya Pune, Yoga classes at Bavdhan in Pune was the way I was taught to believe in myself and keep practising. Before joining Yogalaya, I almost had a broken back and I was obese, my doctor had strictly recommended that I do not take up any exercises because my bone density was low due to which I was very fragile. After joining Yogalaya, I not only lost 10 Kg weight but I also learnt to perform all sorts of Asanas and poses. Life seems better now as there is a positivity instilled in me which keeps me naturally happy, all the credits go to the Yoga training classes in Pune at Yogalaya Pune.

Shilpa Shinde, 48 Years old

My shoulder pain did not let me even sit straight, now it's all gone!

I approached Yogalaya to get a reviving Yoga training and Yoga counselling in Pune.I had severe shoulder pain earlier, it was really difficult for me to sit straight even for a short span of time. It is said that retirement is a second life that you live, there are so many Yoga Professionals in Pune but I feel lucky that I joined Yogalaya Pune, Yoga classes at Bavdhan, I have learned to live my life again because of Yogalaya. It has been a year since I am doing this and it makes everything worth living for.

Seema Mahajan, 65 Years old

Knee pain, cervical issues, low stamina, depression or negativity... Yogalaya Pune has been the one solution for my many problems.

My experience at Yogalaya has moved me emotionally; it has been a life changing experience for me. Due to my health issues I was pessimistic emotionally too. The benefits I have reaped in the last one year at Yogalaya Pune and the changes I have personally gained have made me believe in the goodness of this world once again. My Yoga teacher, Ms. Rupa Kanade, helped me in defeating every problem. I am a positive person now, my body is flexible, my stamina is boosted and my concentration power has increased and above all, my brain is refurbished. I recommend each person I know to join her Yoga classes at Bavdhan.

Sagarika Kirloskar, 47 Years old

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Yoga is meant to be understood in both the mind and the body and Rupa believes that the route to unlocking the body is through the mind. Rupa Kanade, a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, ensures that all her students leave her classes refreshed, renewed and empowered.

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