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Medical Yoga Therapy

Medical Yoga Therapy uses the practice of yoga for treating and preventing various medical conditions. This yoga therapy not only focuses on strengthening the body but it also incorporates appropriate breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation to help the individuals attain maximum benefits. Additionally, it helps in developing positive feelings and increases mental energy, while overcoming negative and aggressive feelings associated to depression and anxiety.

Medical Yoga Therapy aims to help the patients in healing from within for a range of medical conditions. At Yogalaya, Certified Yoga Therapist Rupa Kanade is set to cure a range of low to moderate levels of physiological, anatomical, and psychological medical conditions. These include a range of back pain problems and spine deformities issues (such as lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, tilted pelvic, posture correction, etc), knee pain problems, lifestyle diseases, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, obesity, thyroid, hormonal imbalance issues (such as PCOD, PCOS, etc), mental health issues, digestive problems, and gynecological or pregnancy related issues. The therapy has a holistic approach where the patient’s problems are thoroughly understood and on the basis of that, Rupa Kanade provides consultation, lifestyle changes, and specific ailment-related dietary suggestions. With this, she aims to help patients not only recover from the ailments physically but even mentally.

Rupa Kanade plays an active and thorough role in her patients’ journey of healing through her 3-Week Medical Yoga Therapy sessions, and is determined to bring a healthy and positive change one patient at a time.

Medical Yoga Therapy Batch

Timings : 08:15 AM - 09:15 AM

Day/Days : Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (3 hours per week)

Mode : Only Offline

Outcomes : Practice Meditation, Pranayama, Asanas, Relaxation, and Mind-Awareness.

To see if medical yoga therapy will help to heal your specific conditions and to book a consultation appointment, please call on +91 9307168785 / +91 7447424788

Rupa Kanade’s Certifications:

  • Iyangar Institute Pune (1995-2016)
  • 200 hour Teachers training SYVC (2014-2016)
  • 300 hour Advanced Teachers Training SYVC (2017)
  • Certified Yoga Therapist
  • Certified Naturopathist

Rupa Kanade's Expertise:

  • More than 10000 hours of Experience as a Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Faculty at International Sivananda Vedanta Centre (Centres- US, Vietnam, Uttar Kashi, Kerala, Madurai, Bangalore) (2015-2016)
  • Trained women prisoners at Yerwada Jail Women’s Cell
  • Trained at Sakar Foundation, Pondicherry
  • Member of Yoga Alliance


I have changed as a person and became calm.

"Yogalaya happened to me as a boon. After meeting Rupa Ma’am for the 1st time, I got confidence in myself. I was stressed to leave my 2.5 years old daughter alone. Being a part of YCB (QCI) Level 1 course under the guidance of Rupa Ma’am was really amazing. I have changed as a person and became calm. During the course, I had a neck injury and all my confidence collapsed. I was worried about giving my exams in such a pain. Rupa Ma'am brought me under confidence and made me appear for the exam. I cleared Level 1 with a good learning experience. Thank you so much Ma'am! Looking forward for Level 2…"

Pradnya Bolakhe

Getting into yoga is the best thing happened to me.

"What better testimony than the change I am experiencing in myself and my surroundings. Getting into yoga is the best thing happened to me. This is all because of the teacher like you. During this course, your energy and passion about the subject was contagious. You have explained all the concepts in so much detail and also introduced such a good teachers to us as well. Your personal notes, mock exams built the confidence in us to appear for the exam after such a long time."

Supriya Mathapati

Teacher's training course is a journey of discovering myself, and not others…

"I remember the first day, when I was asked the purpose of joining the YCB (QCI) Level 1 course. I said I wanted to heal people in pain. Rupa Ma’am then said, “You should not take the burden of healing people. First do it for yourself.” I gradually understood that though it’s a Teacher's training course, it is a journey of discovering myself, and not others. I started enjoying this ride of Asana and philosophy. There were times when I felt disappointed with my body, but Rupa Ma’am’s patience and encouragement kept me going. I saw changes in myself over the last 4 months. My patience and ability to stay calm increased; I started communicating my thoughts freely with my loved ones, and could find my out way of difficult situations with ease. Rupa Ma’am is a very skillful teacher and could give in-depth teachings. Also, inviting other lecturers for anatomy, ayurveda and Hatha yoga helped us understand the respective topics well. Mock exam was a very helpful idea too. Ma’am always gave her best wholeheartedly, without hesitation. Her dedication and sincerity encouraged us to move ahead on this difficult path."

Tejaswini Rote

The most important lesson that I learnt is self-care…

"Taking the YCB (QCI) course, I saw many subtle yet significant changes in me. I won't say that it has turned my life 180 degrees but these changes make me feel better about myself. I have become more conscious of my thoughts and actions. I can consciously detach myself from situations and take a step back to look at the bigger picture. I have also become more conscious of my diet. I slowly started inculcating healthier habits that keep me light and energetic throughout the day. When it comes to Asana practice, this course helped me learn them systematically and I perform the postures by focusing on the correct points. But out of all, the most important lesson that I learnt is self-care. How I can keep myself healthy in all senses while not being self-centered? Huge thanks to Rupa Ma'am who could help us understand the topics so easily and relate them to our daily lives. It has made practicing yoga in the true sense a lot easier than it may seem to a beginner."

Veda Dhruv

When I joined Yogalaya Pune I wanted to learn Yoga; now I am on my way to become a Yoga teacher myself. It has that impact on you.

"I would recommend Yogalaya Pune, Yoga classes at Bavdhan, to anyone who is looking for a magical transformation in their life through meditation and Yoga. Some time ago, I was going through a disheartening phase of my life and as soon as I joined Yogalaya Pune, things started to change in a surreal way and within a month my entire perspective about life had changed, Ms. Rupa Kanade, the qualified Yoga teacher at Yogalaya Pune helped me to the core and also inspired me to join the Yoga Instructor Training and QCI guidance classes, so I could myself become a certified Yoga teacher and pass on the positivity to more people out there."

Veena Midge, 31 Years old

My 2 months at Yogalaya were totally unique and special. Rupa Ma'am teaches one asana in such a way that you get prepared for the next asana easily.

"I am really grateful to have Rupa Ma'am and Manju Dee as my teachers. During and after the course I have also started taking things patiently and positively. The asanas taught by Rupa Ma'am have helped me cure back pain and have also helped me on an emotional level. It was truly a superb experience. I hope one day I can become atleast 1% of what Rupa Ma'am is as a teacher. "

Pallavi Godbole

As a teacher/Guru, the experience was awesome. Her teaching techniques are so good that my feed in my memory won't be erased.

"First change is that I have now started listening and feel an increased confidence level. I, now, don't focus on immediate problem solving in my personal life. I take time to solve because by then the problem doesn't remain big and looks small and easy to solve. Logical thinking increased and hence exam seemed to not be a big problem. Thanks to Rupa Ma'am and Manju Ma'am. I definitely want to do QCI level 2 with Yogalaya in future."

Manisha Nadgir

There is a lot to learn from both of you at Yogalaya and I think 2 months is not enough.

"I am implementing whatever I have learnt till today about food, lifestyle, thinking and I can feel the change. I am now more aware about my body and my thoughts, and my practice is to maintain this balance without fail. In just 2 months, I started looking at everything in a better way. I got answers to my why & how (regarding personal life and exams) in this course from both of you. I have been looking for a yoga course for the last 2 years and I shared this concern once with Saroj Deshmukh and I am so thankful to her for letting me know about Yogalaya. Thank you so much Yogalaya team. Rupa Ma'am you are doing a great job."

Savita Chodokar

My experience with Yogalaya was great.

"My muscle flexibility has increased a little bit and my mind is more focused now. Rupa Ma'am helped me as teacher and as friend. Thank you for that. I really liked your teaching method, you're very professional and focused towards your goal."

Prajakta Abnave

About Rupa Kanade

Rupa Kanade is an Educated Yoga Professional and a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher. With more than 20 years of experience in practicing Yoga, she has mastered the art of Yoga. Rupa finds happiness in making others positive and solving their problems through Meditation and Yoga.

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